Auckland Flood Restoration

What The Different Levels Of Water Damage And Contamination Do To Your Carpets After A Flood

Auckland flood restorationWhen it comes to carpeting it’s important to know how to take good care of it so it lasts or you’ll be stuck with an expensive replacement sooner than you think. Most carpet manufacturing companies recommend that you clean your carpets at least every six months and more often if you have pets. In addition, you should also vacuum your carpets twice a week or more in order to remove dirt, sand, organic residue, and other contaminants since these cause extra wear and promote the growth of dust mites and mildew. There are other problems that can arise like flooding caused from many different sources and that needs to be addressed immediately or you’re likely to have to replace your entire carpet. Here are some tips from an Auckland flood restoration company.

Water Damage To Your Carpets Comes In Many Forms

There are different types of water that a flood damage restoration company will be able to take care of for you. If the water is from a clean source, maybe a burst pipe, overflowing washing machine, or even clean rainwater, then it can be extracted and cleaned up with normal procedures. That will involve pumping the area of standing water, then using an extractor to get the remaining visible water. After that, they’ll bring in large specialty fans that they’ll place under the lifted carpet to continue the drying process. Since the water was basically clean, there should be no long-term residue that could cause problems as long as everything is thoroughly dried quickly.

The next level of water is that that comes from an outside source such as gutter overflows, rain flooding that has been on the ground and even creek water flooding. This water isn’t clean enough to drink, but it doesn’t have sewage effluent in it that could lead to diseases. There are many different smaller levels of danger here depending on the source but in most cases, a water damaged carpet will survive using the same procedures as clean water with the added step of a good shampooing using a disinfectant chemical in the process.

Auckland flood restoration companyThe worst kind of water damage, the type that could ruin more than just your carpet, is that from sewage. Sometimes it’s an overflowing toilet, other times a blocked city sewer pipe in the street, but this type of water has dangerous bacteria and organic matter that will most likely mean replacing your entire carpet, pad, and even some drywall. If you have professional water damage restoration people advising you, they’ll know right away what can be saved and what needs to go to the landfill. When the water is polluted enough, then your main worry will be making sure it doesn’t soak into the subfloor, wall insulation, or drywall since that may have to be replaced as well. These types of floods can run into many thousands of dollars of damage and should be handled by the insurance company and professionals so that your home doesn’t become unliveable and unsellable in the future.

Auckland flood restoration – getting help

If you’ve had a flood or some other type of water damage to your carpet, you should at least consult with an Auckland flood restoration company to get the facts. They can use their extensive experience in the industry to advise you on the proper way to clean up the mess and many times bill your insurance company directly, that’s why it’s important to call.

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