Quick Ellerslie House Sale Using a Real Estate Agent

Need To Sell Your Ellerslie Home Quickly? – A Real Agent Can Get You Started

If you are trying to sell your Ellerslie home, you want to ensure that you get the right amount of proceeds from the sale. Not long ago the market in the Ellerslie areas was quiet and sellers had to wait to get the right price, but now, when there is less property available, it has become a seller’s market. However, you still want to maximise the selling price and the best way to do that is to find a good real estate agent in the Ellerslie area.



You are going to want an agent that not only has knowledge concerning the real estate market in the area but also how your property compares to other homes. You are definitely going to need an agent’s help if you plan to sell your home quickly.

Don’t rush into an agreement with an agent, but instead take your time. Interview a couple of the more active agents in the area until you connect with an agent that you feel confident can sell your home quickly. Perhaps your friends or family know of a good real estate agent in Ellerslie. Once you have some recommendations or find a few you like, it’s time to interview agents to see which one is a good fit with you.

Once you have selected the agent you want to go with, you might be asked to do a few things to touch up your home so that it is more attractive on the market. The best way you are going to get that quick sale is by making your home attractive to potential buyers. This is often called Kerb-side appeal or front-door appeal.

It might be suggested for you to have the exterior paint touched up or something similar that may need done to make the best first impression with your potential buyers. It is also important to realise that neutral colours for home exteriors tend to sell much quicker. The agent is also going to request that you clean thoroughly so that your home looks comfortable, clean and spacious for viewers. Any furniture that is not usable or clutters up the space should be removed. This also applies to different types of appliance like a food mixer for example.

You are also going to want to take care of any odours in your home. While you can brew some coffee or light a candle, it is best to just get to the source of the problem and clean it up. You definitely want to pay extra attention to the kitchen and the bathroom(s) when you are cleaning. Are there any leaky taps or blocked drains? It is best to make sure you have all of that checked, too.

Make sure the garden is trimmed and tidy, as well as the trees and bushes. Ensuring the gutters are clean is also a good idea. Do you need to plant any fresh flowers? Plants and flowers are cheap ways to dress up the outside to make the home look more attractive.

There is work to be done, and you don’t have to do all the work yourself. There are cleaning services and other companies that can help you get the house ready for selling too, and your agent will have great contacts.

Your agent can assist you with determining the asking price for your home, and they will tell you whether or not they think taking it auction is a good idea. Your agent is skilled and experienced, ready to sell your home quickly for the most money. It takes the right real estate agent in the Ellerslie area to help you sell your home, so remember to find a good one!

This advice was brought to you by Mark Tung, a real estate agent operating in the Ellerslie area.

Finding the right Ellerslie real estate agent

Hiring A Real Estate Agent? Make Sure You Know The Ins And Outs First

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Every one dreams of owning their own home at some point. If you have the financial means and have been toying with finally pulling the trigger, there is no better time than now! There are a lot of opportunities on the market right now that are very appealing to house buyers. It seems like it is easy to buy a house in the Ellerslie area and make money. But this is the problem, so many people are looking to buy in the area, it makes a lot of sense to hire an Ellerslie real estate agent that knows what they are doing so they can help you find the home that is right for you.

Getting started with real estate

First of all, you obviously want to have a firm grip of some basic real estate knowledge of your own. This can help you start out by making smart decisions. Whether you are looking at property investment or just buying a home for you and your family, having a bit of knowledge beforehand can help a lot.

For example, what size of property do you want? Are you willing or able to handle any renovation or small repairs? If you start with small repairs or remodel jobs here and there, it will leave room to work on saving enough for anything more major. This will also let you build your equity in your property. As in all walks of life, sometimes it’s the “little things” that make all the difference.

Friendly real estate agent who listens

Next, there are plenty of real estate agents in Ellerslie but make sure any agent you pair up with is kind, courteous, respectful, and willing to cooperate. If they are the type to doggedly attempt persuading you into anything you are uncertain of then you need to drop them. Do not let yourself get steamrollered. Be polite, but firm in all of your dealings. Trust your instincts as well. If you find you have a natural rapport with the agent and it isn’t only them doing all the talking, then perhaps you will have the means of coming through with a great deal together. Listening is perhaps the key requirement of a good real estate agent.

Making it easy to find the right property

Try these crucial tips when dealing with a real estate agent.

Ellerlsie real estate agent Mark TungBe very specific about your needs. When you go to see the agent, you want to have already mapped out in your head what you want in the property. Be sure to consider the future as well. If you want to entertain or raise a family, your home obviously needs to accommodate those needs. Know what not to say as well. For instance, you might want to give them a lower budget than you are actually willing to spend. That way, if they try to coerce you into going for something a bit higher, it might actually be in line with your budget. This is a old-school negotiating tactic of great use in any financial dealings. The clearer you can be about your budget and the property you want, the easier it will be for the agent to find the ideal property for sale in Ellerslie for you.

Buy with your head, not your heart

When you find the seemingly perfect home, you don’t want to get too caught up in it. Make sure you have at least two viewings so you can get a better understanding of what the building offers. Does the space meet your current and future needs? Are you able to either make any repairs or decorating can you afford to hire a builder or painter to do them?

You must also make sure your lawyer looks at the contract before you sign it. You might feel pressured to grab a deal before someone else does, but investing in a home is a huge decision that warrants sufficient time for review and consideration.

A well respected real estate agent in Ellerslie is Mark Tung. Whether you want investment property or a residential home, give him a call or visit his website to find out a bit more about him.


Good luck!