Ellerslie real estate listings

Using A Real Estate Agent to Find Property For Sale in Ellerslie


A real estate agent offers a number of advantages when it comes to buying a property whether it is for your own use Mark Tungor for investment purposes. Many people do not give importance to the role of the real estate agents and make the mistake of not hiring the services of an experience real estate agent for finding property for sale in Ellerslie.


The truth is that real estate agents offer a number of advantages and more often than not, can help you in finding that investment property that you have been looking for. Here are some of the other advantages offered by knowledgeable agents.


One of the first rules of successful investment in real estate is that the investor needs to be well aware of the local Ellerslie market conditions. It is a well known fact that even a poor property can make a reasonable rate of return in a good market whereas an excellent property won’t be able to sell if the market is bad. Therefore, awareness of the local market conditions is extremely important to be successful in real estate investment.


Good real estate agents are well aware of the local market conditions and they have a number of years of experience in dealing in that market. Also, experienced agents bring a lot of highly valuable connections to the table which means that they can streamline the whole buying process and get your hands on that perfect property that you have been looking for. They are able to present you some variable options keeping your individual goals in mind.


A real estate agent is aware of the various laws and regulations pertaining to the local properties. When you hire the services of an experienced and well-connected real estate agent to look for property, you instantly get access to a vast array of local market knowledge that will be invaluable and not readily available to the general public. Also, local awareness means these agents are always aware of the changing investment market.


As you may be aware, one needs to make changes in the investment strategy as per the market conditions to get a good return on investment. Nobody other than an experienced real estate agent can provide you valuable information about market conditions and opportunities.


People often spend a lot of money on research, marketing to learn about property for sale in Ellerslie however, experienced agents will already know this. Also, they can bring sharp negotiation skills to the table and can help structure highly profitable deals due to their experience and market knowledge.


One of the other advantages of an experienced Ellerslie real estate agent is that they have access to a big network of businesses, people and other investors. It won’t be wrong to say that connections matter a lot when it comes to investments in real estate. The network of an experienced real estate agent is a huge asset when it comes to real estate investments.


Investment in real estate is a complicated process, as one needs to take into account various laws, regulations, financing options, taxes and various other such factors. Hiring the services of a professional allows you to avoid any potential pitfalls while making investment decisions. Also, these experienced professionals know the paperwork formalities and various other legalities that can cost you a lot of money in the long run if you get it wrong.


Overall, real estate agents have a lot of advantages and the cost of hiring the services is worth their knowledge, experience and other resources they bring to the table. If you are looking for property for sale in Ellerslie, then Mark Tung is one of the best connected Ellerslie real estate agents. You can find out more on his website www.markpatsy.co.nz.

Albany After Hours Plumber



Getting Your Plumbing Done During The Weekend Isn’t Difficult

A plumbing issue is not something that can always wait until tomorrow. In just a few hours, a broken pipe can cause significant water damage to your home. If it’s not fixed right away, this could cost you thousands of dollars. Hiring a plumber to fix a broken pipe will not be as expensive. The problem for most working people is having time off work to wait for the plumber to come to do the job. Now it is possible to hire a plumber who can come at times more convenient to you. This is called an after-hours plumber. Even if the plumber you are hiring comes at an unorthodox time.

The Plumber You Need To Call For A Weekend Job

An emergency plumber is always the right option when the task can wait until Monday. These guys are used to coming to people’s houses on non business days and hours. They are also better at working tough situations. But these guys are for major emergency work like burst pipes rather simpler jobs or even planned work like servicing your heating system. Usually emergency plumbing is more challenging. However, there is a downside to hiring an emergency plumber and that is the cost.

The Cost of After Hours Plumbing on the North Shore

Emergency plumbers often cost more than ones who come during normal business hours. It always costs more money for the more convenient option. Plus, they deserve to make more. Fixing a pipe at three thirty in the morning is much harder than fixing one at two p.m. on a Wednesday. Considering the money they are saving you when it comes to preventable water damage, their cost is not too steep. However, if a plumber is on a roster to work for evening or at weekends, then that will be part of their regular working week and the charge will be more like the normal plumbing charge rather than the emergency rates.

Calling An Emergency Plumber Isn’t Always Appropriate

If the job can wait, you should not call an emergency plumber. A lot of people want to call an emergency plumber simply because they know they will get service faster. Emergency plumbers are used to making appointments really quickly, as preventing damage depends on it.

When you call an emergency plumber in a non-emergency, you are taking that plumber’s service away from someone whose home really is in trouble. Plus, you are going to pay more for the service. It is better to just wait for the regular plumber in a situation you know is not an emergency.

There are a few tasks that are obviously not emergencies. If your toilet is overflowing with water, this is more urgent than if it is simply clogged. If the leak is so small in your house’s pipe that it’s only dripping, it can wait until Monday. Or if you want to have some maintenance work on your hot water cylinder, that could wait too and you can call an Albany after-hours plumber.

Finding An After-hours Plumber for Albany

You should always be prepared for emergency situations that could happen within the home. No one who has had a plumber emergency ever thought it would be them. Be sure to keep the number of a trusted emergency plumber in your contacts.

A Background Check Might Be Needed

If you are hiring a plumber from a large plumbing service like Heron Plumbing, background checks aren’t something you need to worry about. The chances are high that the plumber’s employer has already run one. However, some plumbers work independently. It is your responsibility to keep your family safe so ask around unless you go straight to a larger plumbing company.

Why Risk Damage?

Your home is valuable; I’m sure you want to keep it that way. An Albany after-hours plumber desperately wants to keep it that way too. Make sure you hire one before the damage to your home becomes too much to pay for. They come when the job needs to be done at a time to suit you, not when they feel like it.

Diamond Engagement Ring in NZ

When Choosing An Engagement Ring- Which Jeweller Should You Pick?

Diamond engagement ring Auckland

Diamond engagement ring Auckland

It is harder to convince someone to buy something when it costs thousands of dollars. That is why a few jewellers tend to be some of the most persuasive sales people. They are selling something that is been highly marked up, and serves no physical function.

Of course, their charisma might not be in your best interest. When buying a diamond engagement ring in NZ you want one that is going to impress the girl but, you also need one that is in your price range. A decent jeweller will understand this and will be there to help you, not force you into a sale.

Finding A Jeweller When You Have An Extremely Small Price Range

A lot of jewellers mark up the price of the jewellery significantly. They do this because they can. Most people who go into buy an engagement ring have never bought jewellery before. This makes it harder for them to understand the true value of the piece they’re looking at.

A great way to avoid the mark-up that almost every jewellery store owner supplies, is by going to a “used” jewellery store. There’s nothing wrong with getting a ring second hand if it’s in good condition. Plus, the bride to be will never know.

When Buying From An Actual Jeweller

State the amount of money you’re willing to spend right away. Do not allow him to determine the price. He’ll use this to his advantage. He may offer you credit, or something of that nature to try and get you to spend more. But, keep your defences high. You’re going to have enough expenses to worry about when it comes time for the wedding.

Choose A Jeweller That’ll Make The Ring Of Your Girlfriend’s Dreams

There are a lot of rings that are already on their settings when you go into a jewellery store. This is extremely tempting. They’re all there, conveniently, waiting to be purchased. However, your fiancee may have a specific image as to what she’d like her wedding ring to be.

If you know none of the ones available will fit her taste, it is time to ask for a custom order. A diamond can be cut to her specifications. It can also be placed on the perfect setting for her. She isn’t limited to round and princess cut. There are more unique designs, like having it cut into a heart shape. The most difficult part will be asking her about the ring without blowing that you’re about to propose.

You Don’t Have To Pick Diamonds

A lot of women have a favourite stone. Some girls prefer diamonds, but others would rather have something a little different. Maybe your baby really appreciates rubies? Getting her that ruby ring of her dreams will show her that you pay attention. Is your girlfriend super-girly, and really into pink? A pink sapphire might be a cute option. It is much cheaper than a diamond. Anything can be an engagement ring as long as you propose with it.

Most jewellers will happily sell you another type of stone if you are interested. It does not have to mean spending less. Sometimes this option allows the jeweller to get you more value for your money. By value, I mean a bigger stone.

This Ring Will Stay With Her

For as long as you are married, potentially until the end of your life, your wife will be wearing the engagement ring you picked out for her. That is why it is important to buy it from a successful, and well trained jeweller.

However, if the jeweller’s in your town don’t have anything that interest you, then you can look online at websites like this one www.orsini.co.nz. They sell diamond engagement rings in NZ not only Auckland and can offer off-the-shelf designer rings or create a unique design to your own specifications.

Check out Orsini Jewellers and they can help you find a diamond engagement ring in NZ that she will be proud to wear.

Auckland Debt Recovery Lawyer

A Step By Step Guide On How To Effectively Recover Your Debts

Lending people money and expecting them to return it by the due time is a reasonable assumption that many people make, especially entrepreneurs and business people. However, not everyone is honourable and trustworthy with many people and businesses failing to pay their debts at the due date. For small businesses, this can be especially difficult s they often offer credit in to their customers, clients and business associates in a bid to sustain sales and business profits. Doing this should be done with extreme caution by running credit checks and having sound terms of trade if a business does not want to go through the trauma of a debt recovery process. Here is a step by step guide on how to effectively recover debts.

Recovery of debts can be easily conducted with minimal effort if the right planning and preparation is done. When appropriate measures are employed during issuing of loans, occurrences of late payments and rogue debtors become very rare. Being able to effectively recover all your debts from people within a certain duration of time ensures that you are able to maintain your financial stability and your business enterprise does not suffer in any way.

Everything starts with effective communication. This is where you are able to communicate well and as often as possible with all the people who owe you money. Talking is good and it ensures that business and personal relationships are not jeopardised just because of money. Once you are aware of the need to communicate well with your debtors then coming up with a solid debt collection schedule is the next step

It is crucial that you familiarise yourself with the different types of debtors which can fall into three broad categories:

– People who want to pay but are not in a position to do so because of their current financial situation.

– People who always make delays or are late to make payments.

– People who do everything they can to avoid paying their debts.

Categorising them in this way helps a person to know where there is hope of getting their money back and where this is no hope at all. In the case where there is almost zero hope of recovering a debt, legal action can be taken into consideration in order to get back what belongs to you.

The approach taken to recovering debts is basically what determines the effectiveness of the debt recovery process. Again, communication is key and can result in someone getting back all their money from debtors.

There are some few tips that you can use to improve the success rate of recovering your debts. These tips can greatly help you to carry out an effective debt recovery or collection activity within a very short duration of time.

Do Not Harass Your Debtors

This is very important as it can be the difference between getting your money back and getting nothing at all. Being polite when requesting payment of debts from people is a good approach to recovering debts. Debtors will feel more obliged to pay up if they are treated in a more civilised and understanding way.

For a business that is recovering debts from customers and clients, asking for payments in a polite and simple way is the way to go in order for the business to retain its loyal customers and clients.

Be Specific and Direct To The Point

This is somehow self-explanatory but very important to put into consideration. When executing a debt recovery or collection plan, it is very important that you keep your communication brief and all messages requesting payment should be short and concise.

Seek The Services Of A Reputable Debt Collection Agency

If things get too tough for you or your business, then looking for some professional help is not really a bad idea. Debt recovery and collection procedures are not all that easy to execute and they can lead to a lot of time being wasted by individuals and businesses as they chase after debtors. To save on a lot of time and money that can be wasted during debts recovery, you should hire a good debt recovery agency to do the job for you.

The Legal Option For Debt Recovery – A Lawyer

Auckland Debt Recovery lawyerA debt collection agency can be quite expensive as they typically take fees of 20% or even more from the money they recover. An alternative and often faster option is to consult an Auckland debt recovery lawyer. The lawyer will write to your debtor asking for payment. Often merely having a lawyer on the case will prompt payment or at least the offer of a repayment schedule. This can save you a considerable amount of time and cost. However, if the debtor is till slow to pay, then your lawyer can start more stringent legal proceedings by taking them to court.


One law firm that has extremely well practiced debt recovery lawyers in Auckland is McVeagh Fleming. You can find out more about them at their website http://www.mcveaghfleming.co.nz/.

Quick Ellerslie House Sale Using a Real Estate Agent

Need To Sell Your Ellerslie Home Quickly? – A Real Agent Can Get You Started

If you are trying to sell your Ellerslie home, you want to ensure that you get the right amount of proceeds from the sale. Not long ago the market in the Ellerslie areas was quiet and sellers had to wait to get the right price, but now, when there is less property available, it has become a seller’s market. However, you still want to maximise the selling price and the best way to do that is to find a good real estate agent in the Ellerslie area.



You are going to want an agent that not only has knowledge concerning the real estate market in the area but also how your property compares to other homes. You are definitely going to need an agent’s help if you plan to sell your home quickly.

Don’t rush into an agreement with an agent, but instead take your time. Interview a couple of the more active agents in the area until you connect with an agent that you feel confident can sell your home quickly. Perhaps your friends or family know of a good real estate agent in Ellerslie. Once you have some recommendations or find a few you like, it’s time to interview agents to see which one is a good fit with you.

Once you have selected the agent you want to go with, you might be asked to do a few things to touch up your home so that it is more attractive on the market. The best way you are going to get that quick sale is by making your home attractive to potential buyers. This is often called Kerb-side appeal or front-door appeal.

It might be suggested for you to have the exterior paint touched up or something similar that may need done to make the best first impression with your potential buyers. It is also important to realise that neutral colours for home exteriors tend to sell much quicker. The agent is also going to request that you clean thoroughly so that your home looks comfortable, clean and spacious for viewers. Any furniture that is not usable or clutters up the space should be removed. This also applies to different types of appliance like a food mixer for example.

You are also going to want to take care of any odours in your home. While you can brew some coffee or light a candle, it is best to just get to the source of the problem and clean it up. You definitely want to pay extra attention to the kitchen and the bathroom(s) when you are cleaning. Are there any leaky taps or blocked drains? It is best to make sure you have all of that checked, too.

Make sure the garden is trimmed and tidy, as well as the trees and bushes. Ensuring the gutters are clean is also a good idea. Do you need to plant any fresh flowers? Plants and flowers are cheap ways to dress up the outside to make the home look more attractive.

There is work to be done, and you don’t have to do all the work yourself. There are cleaning services and other companies that can help you get the house ready for selling too, and your agent will have great contacts.

Your agent can assist you with determining the asking price for your home, and they will tell you whether or not they think taking it auction is a good idea. Your agent is skilled and experienced, ready to sell your home quickly for the most money. It takes the right real estate agent in the Ellerslie area to help you sell your home, so remember to find a good one!

This advice was brought to you by Mark Tung, a real estate agent operating in the Ellerslie area.

Mt Eden Villa Renovation

Mt Eden villa renovation

Tips On Hiring A Builder To Renovate Old Villas in Mt Eden

Villas are important historical structures in Auckland and Mt Eden in particular. It is therefore important that when you renovate an old villa, you should make it a sympathetic yet robust renovation job that will make best use of modern material and will last for many years to come while still retaining the elegance and charm of these lovely old homes.

However, despite the Kiwi idea of DIY, renovating on old villa is a massive job which requires particular skills to carry out in the appropriate style at an affordable cost. Frankly, this is beyond the scope of most DIYers.

Villa renovation builderIt is therefore important to know on how to get a good villa renovation builder to do the renovations on your old house. There are several builders nowadays that can offer villa renovation services for you and it is important that you get to pick the right one so that you can be able to get the best job for your old villa. Below are some of the tips that will help you hire the best builder for you.

The first thing that you should do is to seek recommendations for the best villa renovations builders in Mt Eden. Recommendations are very important as they mostly come from people who have experienced the services of the builders, so they are in a good position to give you a true account of how they give their services. Recommendations can come from friends, neighbours or even family about the builders around. You may even consider popping a question up when having a conversation with your building inspector or even make inquiries to your local dealer of building materials. After making inquiries, you will notice a trend and you can be able to know the good builders and the bad ones. Be sure to also look for video recommendations on YouTube.

You should also check on the prices that are charged by the builders when looking at a renovation company to choose. Old villas have generally some significant work that needs to be done on them. This work will generally also translate into some significant money that needs to be paid out. Every family has a budget that they are willing to spend and you need to get a builder that is able to work within your budget. However you should note that cheap sometimes turns out to be expensive so you should also assess the quality that the builder delivers then try comparing it with the price being charged for the services. If you compare the price and the quality then decide that the price is okay for the quality offered and is also fitting to your budget, then you have a builder for you.

Before you hire a builder for a Mt Eden villa renovation, you should ensure that you meet up with them face-to-face so that you can get a feel for the type of person they are; After all, they will be working with you for a number of months so you definitely want to feel comfortable around them.

Repair and Restore is an experienced villa renovation specialist that operates around Auckland including Mt Eden and surrounding suburbs.

Buy-Sell Agreements

Your Business Partner’s Spouse Could Be A Director

Meeting between Start-up directorsHere is the situation: You have partnered with someone and built up a great business with them. You have always worked well together. Suddenly, your business partner dies. It’s unexpected. His interest in the business is left to his heirs, in this case, his spouse. You know the spouse doesn’t have the right skills to run the business. You know that they never got along well with you either. Now you have a serious problem. You might want to buy their share out of the business, but you might not have the money, or the paperwork that gives you the right to do this.

It’s time to take some action, before anything happens to either you or your business partner.

You need to sit down and detail out some questions and answers.

  1. If one of you dies, becomes disabled or wants to buy out the business what should be done?
  2. Is there a way to agree upon the value of the business?
  3. Is there a business succession plan which will allow for a partner to buy the other out, buy the partners shares upon an untimely death or disability?
  4. Where can such an agreement be found? Is there a way to fund it?

The answer to these question is that you and your business partner need to create a Buy/Sell Agreement. This should be an important section in your business plan. It should lay out the details of what happens in the untimely event of a death or a disability of one of the partners. It should also lay out what happens in the event of a divorce of either partner. There are insurance policies that help to detail this out and can help to support the former partners spouse in the event of disability or death.

Here is an example:

Mark and Jeff own a business together. They call it M & J Ltd. They specialise in metal components that are utilised in energy projects. Neither of their wives are employed at the business nor do they take an active interest in it. Both men have a will. In their wills, the wives are given their full assets upon their death.

Example 1:

Mark went skiing where he is fatally injured in a fall. His wife is now the 50 percent owner of the business. She is desperate for money and she is liquidating all of his shares in the M & J Ltd. However, Jeff had to tell her that it is not possible as he simply cannot afford to buy it. Mark’s wife does not know what to do. She does not get his salary and has no clue what the business is all about. She is desperate, isolated and concerned that Jeff isn’t going to pay her anything. She heads to a lawyer to begin the process of selling her shareholding to anyone who will buy it.

Example 2:

Mark and Jeff thought of everything. They wanted to be sure that everything was covered so they talked to their commercial lawyer about buy/sell agreements. They arranged a buy/sell agreement to ensure that their wives would be covered if anything happened to either of them. They have a specific set of steps that they can take should the other one perish or become disabled. In this fashion, they can buy out the widow’s interest or the disabled partner’s interest.

They have a Life and Total Disability plan. Proceeds go to the family of the partner that is deceased or disabled. This is a better way to go and everyone wins with this sort of planning and insurance.

This is a simplistic view of the ideal situation but if you work with a commercial lawyer they can draw up the appropriate documentation so that your business is in the second and can keep trading relatively undisturbed rather than having to handle stressful and expensive legal battles over which you have no control.

To make sure your business is protected, talk to a North Shore law firm like McVeagh Fleming and Co about buy/sell agreements.


How To Choose a Competent Plumber

If you are a homeowner, then plumbing problems are no strangers in your house. It might be a simple plumbing problem such a clogged sink or a major one such as a pipe that has burst in the middle of the night and is threatening to flood your house. Whereas there are some plumbing problems that you can easily fix, others will require you to hire a competent plumber to fix them. Here are some tips on finding a competent and reliable plumber on the North Shore.



Even though some small plumbing problems such as leaking faucet might seem harmless, they are can be costly in the long run when your water bill goes up. It is important that you repair or place a leaking tap immediately when you notice it. When you are faced with a leak that you cannot trace its origin, you can use a red-dye system to establish its origin before calling a plumber.

A ceaseless unsavoury smell from your toilet can be a sign of underlying problem especially if you have a sewer or drain backup. It is important that you call a plumber so that he can establish what is the problem before it is too late and the job gets bigger.

In case you have drains in your house that have not been used for a long time, it is advisable that you pour a gallon of water once in a while. This practice not only keeps the drains functional but also makes that no unsavoury odour will find its way to your via the drains.

You can also take relevant measures to avoid some plumbing problems. For example, if your plumbing pipes are exposed and you can see them when you are in your basement, you can insulate them do prevent them from any damage that might be triggered by the changing temperature in your basement. You can insulate the plumbing pipes by wrapping them with foam tubes. Taking simple measure to avoid plumbing problems can significantly save you money that would have been used in repairing the problems.

When faced with complex plumbing problems, it is crucial that you hire a competent and professional plumber. There are various advantages hiring professional North Shore plumbers. First, such a plumber makes sure that he/she has inspected the plumbing problem in your house accordingly, after which you will be given a reasonable written estimate before starting the repair work.

If you have never used a plumber before, choosing the right plumber can be tricky because you don’t know what to look out for or the question to ask in order to gauge their competency. However, you can begin your search by asking for referrals from friends, neighbours, co-workers, or even family members. Getting referrals to a plumber is advantageous because the plumber is likely to competent and offers top-notch plumbing services.

In summing up, it is important to note that there are some plumbing problems that you can fix, and there are other that will require the expertise of a professional plumber. It is hence important to differentiate plumbing problems can be avoided, the ones that you can fix and the ones that can only be fixed by a plumber.


Gas Fitting For North Shore Homeowners and Businesses

Why You Should Never Cut Corners With Gas Fitting

Gas fitters

Image by truelocal

There is a certain pride associated with DIY, especially among Kiwis. It is always tempting to do your own plumbing, drain-laying and other work. If something goes wrong then you can just call in an expert and get them to finish the job for you. It might be a bit stressful, but there’s no harm done in most cases. This is emphatically not the case for gas, however. If something goes wrong with a gas-fitting job then the results could easily be fatal. Do not try to do your own gas fitting. You should always, always use a qualified North Shore gas fitter.

Gas installations should be done by someone who knows what they are doing and has the correct certifications and insurance. When you move into a new build, your building company should have already had this done for you. When you rent a new house, the chances are that the company you rent from will do a gas safety inspection.

A good plumbing company will offer a range of gas fitting services such as install, test, and commission various appliances that are gas powered. These can be heating systems, water boilers, cooking stoves or any other gas appliance. Some plumbers and North Shore gas-fitters only undertake domestic jobs while others will do both residential and commercial work. Look for gas-fitting companies that have plenty of experience in the industry, so if you have any questions about your job do not hesitate visit their website to find out more about gas-fitting and the service they provide.

Safety First

If you have gas appliances such as hobs, gas fires, water heaters or central heating systems in your home you should have them inspected annually. This will help to ensure that the appliances are as safe as possible. A gas fitter will come out to your home or workplace and check that the appliances are properly ventilated and not leaking, helping to avoid potentially dangerous situations for you, your family or your employees. It only takes a few minutes to inspect the appliances and it could save lives.

North Shore Gas-Fitters Training

North Shore gas fitters

Image by ybsitecenter

There are plenty of plumbers and North Shore gas fitters in the Albany area but some are vastly superior to others. One of the easiest ways to see which is a top class gas fitter is to always look for gas-fitting firms who are industry accredited by the Master Plumbers and Gas Fitters. This means their technicians are trained to the highest standards which is definitely something you want when working with gas. A water leak is a pain and a mess to clear up; a gas leak can be lethal.

If you want a quick step to find a suitable North Shore gas-fitting company, you can click here. This will take you to their website. The company is Heron Plumbing Ltd and they have over 50 years experience servicing customers on the North Shore and Auckland. They service both residential and commercial clients.

Finding the right Ellerslie real estate agent

Hiring A Real Estate Agent? Make Sure You Know The Ins And Outs First

Ellerlsie real estate agent

Image wikipedia.org

Every one dreams of owning their own home at some point. If you have the financial means and have been toying with finally pulling the trigger, there is no better time than now! There are a lot of opportunities on the market right now that are very appealing to house buyers. It seems like it is easy to buy a house in the Ellerslie area and make money. But this is the problem, so many people are looking to buy in the area, it makes a lot of sense to hire an Ellerslie real estate agent that knows what they are doing so they can help you find the home that is right for you.

Getting started with real estate

First of all, you obviously want to have a firm grip of some basic real estate knowledge of your own. This can help you start out by making smart decisions. Whether you are looking at property investment or just buying a home for you and your family, having a bit of knowledge beforehand can help a lot.

For example, what size of property do you want? Are you willing or able to handle any renovation or small repairs? If you start with small repairs or remodel jobs here and there, it will leave room to work on saving enough for anything more major. This will also let you build your equity in your property. As in all walks of life, sometimes it’s the “little things” that make all the difference.

Friendly real estate agent who listens

Next, there are plenty of real estate agents in Ellerslie but make sure any agent you pair up with is kind, courteous, respectful, and willing to cooperate. If they are the type to doggedly attempt persuading you into anything you are uncertain of then you need to drop them. Do not let yourself get steamrollered. Be polite, but firm in all of your dealings. Trust your instincts as well. If you find you have a natural rapport with the agent and it isn’t only them doing all the talking, then perhaps you will have the means of coming through with a great deal together. Listening is perhaps the key requirement of a good real estate agent.

Making it easy to find the right property

Try these crucial tips when dealing with a real estate agent.

Ellerlsie real estate agent Mark TungBe very specific about your needs. When you go to see the agent, you want to have already mapped out in your head what you want in the property. Be sure to consider the future as well. If you want to entertain or raise a family, your home obviously needs to accommodate those needs. Know what not to say as well. For instance, you might want to give them a lower budget than you are actually willing to spend. That way, if they try to coerce you into going for something a bit higher, it might actually be in line with your budget. This is a old-school negotiating tactic of great use in any financial dealings. The clearer you can be about your budget and the property you want, the easier it will be for the agent to find the ideal property for sale in Ellerslie for you.

Buy with your head, not your heart

When you find the seemingly perfect home, you don’t want to get too caught up in it. Make sure you have at least two viewings so you can get a better understanding of what the building offers. Does the space meet your current and future needs? Are you able to either make any repairs or decorating can you afford to hire a builder or painter to do them?

You must also make sure your lawyer looks at the contract before you sign it. You might feel pressured to grab a deal before someone else does, but investing in a home is a huge decision that warrants sufficient time for review and consideration.

A well respected real estate agent in Ellerslie is Mark Tung. Whether you want investment property or a residential home, give him a call or visit his website to find out a bit more about him.


Good luck!